Who is ONAXE

Onaxe is based in Geneva Switzerland since October 1996.
We are a Swiss company specialized in IT services.
We obtained CTI certification in 2007 (Commission for Technology and Innovation).
Our expertise in various fields of IT and telecommunications has been established.
We put in place the first call center at an international level.
We were a representative and a distributor of SIM cards for the Swiss market.
We are an innovator in setting up mobile payment solutions for parking lots and public transportation.

Our Mission

To assess the demands and needs of our clients and to implement solutions according to their requirements,
to improve productivity and efficiency.


What do we do ?


  • Onaxe offers it’s clients services at the leading edge of technology covering system selection, installation, maintenance, innovation and security.
  • Works in accordance with clients’ specific parameters and is highly adaptable to budgets, needs and applications.
  • Implements solutions consistent with the real needs and experience of it’s clients.
  • Present from the conception phase to the delivery of turnkey solutions.


What do we provide ?

Tailored services for clients

  • Suggestions and innovative implementation of solutions.
  • Management of last generation data (Big data).
  • Integration of solutions.
  • Inventory and setup of computing equipments.
  • Worldwide level in IT and telecommunications needs.
  • System migrations.
  • Parking management.
  • Mobile payment solutions.
  • Home automation.
  • Waste processing management smart system.



Our Clients & Partners

We are known for our efficiency in implementing our solutions in line with the real needs and experience of our clients.

Our Expertise has been demonstrated in various areas such as IT and telecommunications.



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Rue des Eaux-Vives 94, P.O. Box 3540

1204 Geneva, Switzerland

Tel: +41 22 830 03 93